“TIES for Microsoft CityNext provides cities with a number of exciting, agile cloud-based services in areas where innovation, traditionally, has been slow. This service helps cities leverage the economic and resiliency advantages of the cloud, almost immediately.”

- Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government, for Microsoft


TIES for Microsoft CityNext

Enables city leaders, first responders and other personnel to make faster, better, and more informed decisions when protecting citizens, schools, and critical infrastructure. 

TIES for Microsoft CityNext helps local and regional governments and their trusted partners take the next big step in the use of advanced information services for city security, public safety, public health, school safety, emergency response, and other critical functions by tying together existing Microsoft and third party products, with a wide spectrum of information into a powerful new service. 

TIES for Microsoft CityNext

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Find out how to transform your city and begin to make better, faster and more informed decisions, to help protect your citizens. 


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Now used by more than 200 enterprises and 20% of the Fortune 100!

TIES (Trusted Information Exchange Service) is a flexible business intelligence platform, with a software-as-a-service delivery model. Its specialty is tying together disparate information sources and applications, and fusing them into an integrated online whole.

TIES provides a customer-friendly suite of real-time information features, ranging from map gadgets to social media monitoring, to filtered email alerts. TIES is delivered out of the highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud from Microsoft.

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